Den første tegningen

Jeg har nettopp begynt å bruke et digitalt tegnebrett, som har ligget i skuffen og støvet ned i over fire år. Her er noe av det første jeg har tegnet. Det er overhodet ikke bra, men det er en start. En dag skal jeg bli flink til det. En dag.

6 kommentarer om “Den første tegningen

    • Thank you! But I have a lot to learn. I hope 2018 will bring some good drawings. It’s just that I have so many different project and interest going on! It’s hard to find time to all of it. I use most of my time to write, taking photographs and reading books. Now I have also just bought an analogue film camera. I can’t wait to play with it 😉

    • Clumsy writing – I sometimes chat in English and the patience of the receiver of my messages must be un-earthy! 🙂 I think it’s good to have creative things at hand and plans being creative. Drawing is fun! I used to do it a lot when I was younger. I never became good at it, but it helped learning visual techniques that are also helpful in photograpy. I take pictures myself but I secretly (and I’m unjust to photography here, I know) find picture taking the lesser brother of handmade art. I mean to say: a photograph must be a hell of good will it be able to have about the same impact as a well made drawing or painting. This aside. Analogue photograpy! Now that is interesting! I had a film camera way before my digitals. But I didn’t learn how to use them. I was the typical snap shooter. (Not anymore, I dare say). I hope we will have the opportunity to see some of your analoque pictures! It’s a completely different art. Finding out what film to use. Setting the camera up. (Processing and printing?) All that. I am very curious. Sleep well! And if you read this tomorrow – I hope you slept well 🙂

      • Yes, it’s great to be creative! Writing and photography is my big passions in life. It means the world to me 🙂 And I also really enjoy trying some digital drawing and playing the piano.

        I’m really looking forward to taking pictures analogue again. I have done it before, a couple of years ago. Back then I processed my own films in black and white. Quite easy and interesting, but I don’t have access to that equipment anymore. And I’m planning to use more color film this time. I’m going to start with the film Kodak portra 400 and ektar 100 for color. I have already bought some, so now I’m only waiting for my camera to arrive in mid-December.

        The camera is a Canon EOS 5, so I’ll be able to use the same lenses as I use with my digital Canon EOS 5D mark III. The big advantage of using that camera, is that I already know it quite well – since it’s very similar to my digital camera. And of course I’m already shooting everything in manual mode, so that will be the same.

        I’ll not print any of the pictures, only pay for processing the film and scan it. As a minimalist I wouldn’t be able to handle lots of paper-pictures. And by digitizing them, I’m able to publish some on my blog. I’m really looking forward to that!

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