Før julen ringes inn

Om én uke ringes julen inn. Om to uker avslutter vi dette året. Jeg fatter nesten ikke hvor alle dagene har blitt av. På samme tid har det vært et langt og innholdsrikt år. Jeg gleder meg til 2018.

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  1. Past couple of days I was on the island I was born. Nothing has really changes there much, but the same time, looking at old pictures the changes are plenty. It’s just that my feelings about my cradle-village doesn’t seem to have changed. The last morning of my stay I always do the same walk, to the lighthouse, along the tiny forest and then along the dyke looking at the village to the left, with it’s windmill, the 17th century houses and farms, the robust church tower – it is all so familiar and it poors happyness into my soul – I can feel it flow.

  2. ….Now I’m home and I wonder where the time has been, the days, the hours, the journey back. 2018 brings many promises. It’s good to be looking forward. Without losing the sense of what has been.

    • That is so true! We must not forget what has been, but at the same time: it’s important to look forward. I really enjoy wandering in old memories in my head, and also dream about the future. I think 2018 will be a special year for me.

      • I hope it will be a special year for you. I don’t know in what sense or what you, perhaps, expect, but the feeling a special year is awaiting is a joy as such. Let 2018 begin! (awell, these two weeks in between you will no doubt survive 🙂 )

        • To be honest, I don’t really know what to expect. But I have a strong feeling that it will be a great and special year. The last 3 years have completely changed by life, so I’m kind of curious what can possibly happen now 😉

          Today I received my Canon EOS 5 film camera, and I’m so excited to try it out! I guess I will post the first pictures on my other blog (livetsrose.net) when I develope and scan them in some months (I have to travel to another city, so I guess it will be in the spring.)

    • Ja, året har hatt mye innhold. Jeg gleder meg også til alle bildene jeg kan fange i 2018. I dag fikk jeg det analoge kameraet mitt. Håper å få prøvd det ut litt i uken som kommer.

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