Eplegelé og andre gleder

IMG_1295I dag nyter jeg siste rest av eplegelé-en fra fjoråret. Den smøres utover hjemmelagde rundstykker og får selskap av en banan på naboskiven. Jeg skal bruke dagen på å redigere bilder, lytte til vakker musikk på repeat og tenke over hva jeg skal fylle det nye året med.

7 kommentarer om “Eplegelé og andre gleder

  1. Happy new year! I hope it will be a fruitful and lovely one. I heard whispering it will last no less then 389 days this year! So, lot’s of time to enjoy it all. 🙂 Please allow me to write that I’m glad I met your blog and I am pleased to await your new entries.

    • Happy New year to you too. I think this year is going to be great! Maybe even better than last year.

      389 days? 😉

      I’m glad to hear to you find my blog interesting and worth following. If you have seen my alphabet challenge the last weeks where I post a text to every letter, I can inform you that it will be a new one starting this Sunday 🙂 I like to have some themes or writing/photo challenges on my blog.

      On my other blog (livetsrose.net) I’m going to start a colour project. I’ll post more about that in the end of January.

      I hope you had a pleasant new years eve. I was asleep during the fireworks.

      • I did have a pleasant new years eve. I was with friends who live in the country. So the fireworks were only visible over the meadows and audible from all around. We traditionally stick with these sprinkle sticks. It is rather silly but also a bit touching to watch people at the brink of elderness standing in the midst of night with sprinkles in hand 🙂 But we danced on old disco hits and today we made a walk in the very wet woods, and now, back home, kids are blasting the left over fireworks and then all will be normal again. 🙂

        • That sounds like a nice way to end the year. Today I’m going through my pictures from 2017. I think it’s around 15 000 pictures, maybe even more. It was a great year for photography.

          I’m going to spend the next couple of days editing some of them. Im always far behind because I take too many pictures 😉 I enjoy to visit old memories when I travel back in time in my lightroom archive.

          • I know that feeling 🙂 15000 is a lot! So you have quite a task at hand. But it’s fun and it will bring edits of no doubt wonderful pictures. I wish you a lot of pleasure! And I wish us and everyone else a lot of beautiful images to see.

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