En ny alfabetutfordring

Det er snart tid for en ny alfabetutfordring. Derfor tenkte jeg å dele temaene jeg skal skrive til. Helene fra aspergerinformator.com blir også med på denne alfabetutfordringen. Det første innlegget kommer på søndag kl. 18, og deretter hver søndag fremover til vi har rundet alfabetet.

A for alfabet
B for brist
C for cruise
D for dans
E for eufori
F for forglemmegei
G for grenser
H for hypotermi
I for inspirasjon
J for jubileum
K for konkylie
L for lyst
M for melankoli
N for nostalgi
O for ord
P for persille
Q for quisling
R for reise
S for symbiose
T for tegnspråk
U for undervurdert
V for vinternatt
W wok
X for xylofon
Y for ydmyk
Z for zen
Æ for ære
Ø for ønske
Å for åpent

21 kommentarer om “En ny alfabetutfordring

    • Yes, we have 29 letters like Sweden and Denmark. The only difference in Sweden is that they write ä instead of æ, and ö instead of ø. But it is still pronounced the same way.

      I think it’s quite fascinating with languages, and I really like the islandic alphabet and language. I don’t understand much, but I love that they use letters like ð (pronounced like «th» in the english word «them»).

      I have traveled to Iceland once, and I really wish to explore the country more. I really enjoy listening to icelandic music, probably because I don’t understand it. I think that’s why I often listen to instrumental music or songs from foreign languages, so I don’t get distracted by the meaning of the words 😉

  1. I have never been to Iceland but I would love to see it. It seems such a remote place, a treeless land floating in a cold ocean. I makes me think of ancient myths with Wodan, Thor, Freya, Donar (as we call them over here). The land of the Edda. Like all Scandinavian countries, including, strangely enough and, I admit, with a grain of salt, our own province of Friesland, wich language is rather near to yours (and English!). In Friesland (I’m half Frisian myself 🙂 ) they have the word ‘bern’ for child, like your ‘barn’. We are all Germanic people anyway. I don’t know much about Islandic music. I do know Björk and Sigur Ros(s) (?). I am going to read some more about the Islandic language. Such strange letters need to be explored. 🙂

    • I visited Reykjavik and Keflavik back in 2011. It was in february, so I really wish to see the country in the spring or summer. It’s quite cold there in the spring, so maybe in june. Or in the autumn.

      I hope I can travel there next year. I got the money and the time, it’s just one of those trips it would be nice to travel with someone, because I don’t have a driver’s license. Last time I went there with a friend of mine, and it was really useful to rent a car. Me and my mom have been talking about a trip.

      Sigur Rós is amazing! I especially like the songs «Hoppípolla»,»Sæglópur» and «Fljótavík». The songs are so soulful and deep. It makes my mind wander away to distant memories.

      I have published a few pictures from my Iceland trip when I started this blog: https://vinterblomst.net/2017/03/24/island/

        • Thank you! I really enjoyed the trip and I almost can’t wait to go back. I love the open space and the emptyness you can find there. So pure and amazing.

          This year I’m focusing on traveling to different places in Norway, and perhaps a trip to Stockholm. But next year I really want to visit Iceland. Even if I have to travel alone. I also wish to visit the faroe islands in the future. I may combine that with a trip to Iceland, because then I can travel by ferry.

          I’m listening to «Fljótavik» on repeat this evening. Dreaming of the beauty of Iceland.

          If you like to watch movies, I really recommend «bokeh». It’s maybe a strange fictional story (and not for everyone), but it shows a lot of the beautiful landscape of Iceland.

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