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  1. Very nice! We got wolves now and then again in our country. They mostly drop in from Germany, are spotted once or twice and every newspaper writes about it. Then they dissapear again or are getting killed in a road accident. There are nature people who welcome the wolf. Farmers and more ordinairy folks don’t jump with joy by the thought of these wild and perhaps dangerous animals in the vincinity. (We are a very densely populated country, tiny as we are) The first sheep have been found dead already. What do the people in Norway think about wolves? (Wolves ARE beautiful creatures to look at!)

    • Yes, I think they are very beautiful! I wish I had seen this one in real life, but it’s just from a zoological museum unfortunately. I’m dreaming of seeing one in real life, that would be amazing.

      I think we are kind of split in half when it comes to wolves in Norway. I think that the majority of farmers may be against them, but I also get the impression that many of us wants them here.

      I think it’s sad that sheeps or other animals are being killed by wolves, but I also think that it’s the circle of life. Animals are supposed to live in the free, and sometimes they kill each other. So I don’t think of the few wolves as a problem. But I’m against the massive animal breeding just for the meat industry. That’s were we can talk about lots of deaths.

      There has not been any incidents of wolves killing a human in Norway since december, 1800! So I think it’s just stupid when people think of them as dangerous to us humans. Of course it CAN happen, but I guess we should be much more afraid of getting killed by a car or being stabbed to death 😉 If your calm when you meet a wolf, I guess it will just ignore you and walk away in 99% of the cases.

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